Welcome to Molly Secrest, MA, CCC/Sp.

From June 2000 to April 2019 I conducted a speech therapy private practice in Westborough and the region.  I specialized in aphasia and related disorders.  I have moved away from Central Massachusetts.  My private practice is now closed.  

I am grateful – to people with aphasia, their family and friends, my colleagues, mentors and students – for their having educated and delighted me.  Work in private practice has been a precious opportunity.  I am confident that the folks who have been my clients will continue to go from strength to strength.

Does speech therapy help people with aphasia? Yes!

Explore this site to learn more about this speech pathologist, as well as speech/language and communication services – all about helping the person with aphasia.

Even though I am no longer working in this state, the information on this website may still be helpful as you learn about aphasia and make decisions about treatment. 

If you write me a note from the Contact tab, after June 1, 2019 I may reply.  I’m always happy to talk with people about aphasia.

WESTBOROUGH APHASIA GROUP – for support and practice

Please note:  The Westborough Aphasia Group for support and practice will continue through 2019, and possibly beyond.

Click on the Evaluation and Treatment tab for information, and scroll to the bottom of that page.

From clients and families:

“Hey, you all, I am saying the words.  This is so cool!”

“I never knew he (husband) could tell me by drawing.”

“I can read and order off the menu now.  I used to just ask the waiter what’s good.”

“Molly – good, good, good.”